Beeby Fellowship

Katie Fitzpatrick and Kat Wells

Current Beeby Fellows - Dr Katie Fitzpatrick (left) and Kat Wells

The Beeby Fellowship is a joint initiative between the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO and NZCER. The Fellowship was first awarded in 1998 and is named after Dr Clarence Beeby who, in 1934, became the first Director of NZCER, and was Assistant Director-General of UNESCO from 1948-49.

The Beeby Fellow receives a grant of $30,000 to support the development of resources drawn from their research. The Fellowship is aimed at people already actively involved in an innovative educational programme and is intended to enable them to document, analyse, and write a resource about their work. The end result should enhance classroom practice and students' learning.

The topic of the research should align with at least one of the following:

  • Contribute to the development of New Zealand's high quality education system to encourage inclusive life-long learning, for instance in the area of technological change
  • Engage New Zealand youth to be responsible and innovative global citizens, particularly in the context of sustainability and in the development of resilience
  • Connect science, policy and people for a sustainable New Zealand and Pacific
  • Promote intercultural dialogue and respect for cultural and linguistic diversity, with particular acknowledgement of the significant place of Māori, leading to social justice, understanding and cohesion and harmony within communities
  • Protect and promote our heritage and foster creativity
  • Promote freedom of expression and universal access to information and knowledge.

The Beeby fellowship for 2014-2015, Jesse Pirini, wrote a book, Peer Tutoring: A training and facilitation guide, to help schools, community groups and iwi offer tutoring to students who need it. It will help communities develop and sustain their own tutoring programmes. The 2016-2017 co-Beeby Fellows are Dr Katie Fitzpatrick and Kat Wells, who will create a mental health education teaching resource aimed at helping students in Years 7-13. 

The Beeby Fellowship is awarded every two years. Applications are not currently open.

For further information, visit the NZCER website.